Ad Astra - 2013

Dear friends, we finally made it!

The new album is ready and if harmony incarnate and unleashed is something that you’d like to hear – you’ll dig it!

The new sound is just kick-ass! Somehow we ended up with something completely unique and immensely dynamic! You probably know that we call our style Metal Dance. Now imagine this wild mixture: a bit of techno, a bit of funk, symphonics, disco, and a few kinds of metal – a dash of death, a pinch of thrash and a splash of progressive plus extreme and melodic vocal. All in all, the record turned out esthetic, epic and energetic! There’s even a ballad starting off soft and lyrical and developing into something more intense like One by METALLICA.

We’re not bragging tho! We’re not the only ones to get all the credit. There was some kind of inspiration to it from above. But I’m not saying we didn’t do our best to make it happen! We hope you’ll love the cover art created by an amazing artist and our good friend ALEX SHISHKIN.

There’s a lot of personal to each track: our soul, our heart, tears, sweat, and blood – all went into it, not to mention 3 months of sleepless nights for our dear ALDOGOR, who was putting this insanity together in the studio.

Mastering was done by maestro MIKA JUSSILA – the real King of metal music – who’s known for his work on the best albums by NIGHTWISH and CHILDREN OF BODOM. The album was recorded both in English and Russian.

Now we hope that all above been said was enough to have your mind blown!