Who we are

AWE.SOME was started on the 1st of December in 2009 by Kir Kult, AryaVarta (bass) and Tartharia (frontman).

First of all, let us tell you a story. It was in the distant 90′s. There was a band called Awesome where Kir Kult started his music career. The band name didn’t have a dot in it back then. Awesome music was a mix of dancing rhythm section and hysterical vocals, which was not typical of thrash metal. Since then, this style has morphed into a new project AWE.SOME enriched by keyboards and electronic sounds and enchanting the listener with Kir Kult’s unique vocals – wild screaming full of crazy energy that changes into melodic singing and back to scream again, an unmatched voice you’d never mistake for anyone else’s.

Kel Skirata’s and Aldogor’s groovy and violent guitars at times sound almost classical for progressive metal. They wouldn’t leave anyone unfazed.

There’s no drummer in AWE.SOME, and they don’t need one. Their programmed drums kick any live drummer’s ass. It’s the power of modern technology unleashed! Anyway, no drummer would cope with all drum parts unless he has a couple of extra limbs.

AWE.SOME is an explosive mixture of dancing rhythms and lyrics. Every text is like a dive into the world problems and issues of morality.

The hurricane of Metal Dance madness can either provoke delight or rejection, but not indifference. That’s what AWE.SOME is about. If you got bored by standards and stereotypes, join in and have fun!