• HIT THE AIM – 2015

    Ta-da! Our new single Hit The Aim!
    We want to dedicate it to those ones who constantly seek but don’t really find, those who fall while reaching their goal and get hurt but get up and keep moving with bleeding face no matter what! Those who growl with despair when they’re told that everything was useless but still look straight at the distant goal. Those who’s been laughed at and considered to be losers just because they boldly trusted in something they loved. Those who have an audacity to be themselves breaking the rules and methods to annoy some “right ones” with their originality. Those who aren’t scared to be albino in the dark world and might see the rich colors in black’n’white reality.

  • Ad Astra – 2013

    Dear friends, we finally made it!
    The new album is ready and if harmony incarnate and unleashed is something that you’d like to hear – you’ll dig it!
    The new sound is just kick-ass! Somehow we ended up with something completely unique and immensely dynamic! You probably know that we call our style Metal Dance. Now imagine this wild mixture: a bit of techno, a bit of funk, symphonics, disco, and a few kinds of metal – a dash of death, a pinch of thrash and

  • CHRYSALIDES – 2013

    Greetings, Chrysalis gods*!
    Try out our metal candy, but keep cool – don’t let your teeth break! Use with caution: side effects may include uncontrolled trance state, rhythmic convulsions, paranoid compulsion to hear the whole album,

  • To Olympus – 2010

    This demo gained AWE.SOME a lot of fans all over the world and made it clear what the new record should sound like. There is a saying in Russia: “What you name your boat, so it will float”. Thus, we chose the name To Olympus for our LP. It’s worth mentioning that the cover features Kir Kult’s drawing he had made at the age of 8 and that was carefully preserved by his father.

  • Delicious Religion – 1994

    AWE.SOME (dot included) is the successor of Awesome that retained the same leader and inspirer – Kir Kult. That’s why we have decided to add some info about the Delicious Religion album as well.