Hit The Aim - 2015

Ta-da! Our new single Hit The Aim!
We want to dedicate it to those ones who constantly seek but don’t really find, those who fall while reaching their goal and get hurt but get up and keep moving with bleeding face no matter what! Those who growl with despair when they’re told that everything was useless but still look straight at the distant goal. Those who’s been laughed at and considered to be losers just because they boldly trusted in something they loved. Those who have an audacity to be themselves breaking the rules and methods to annoy some “right ones” with their originality. Those who aren’t scared to be albino in the dark world and might see the rich colors in black’n’white reality.

We support you! We applaud you sincerely! (We give you a standing ovation)!

No matter what they tell you, remember that you are able and deserve to become the best one in what you love! Don’t be scared breaking the standards and making your own rules!
Stand by our side under the AWE.SOME flag and let’s make history of a new metal genre together!

The story of making this single.
It can be pathetically admitted that Hit The Aim song was born in one of the European fashion capitals – majestic Italian city of Milano. The refrain melody came out of the blue while walking around the neighborhood of the famous opera theater of La Scala. Beauty creates beauty.))) The single preceding our upcoming long play album doesn’t really look like our previous product of Ad Astra and it’s not going to be its sequel, because it’s a little different both in form and content.
It doesn’t have philosophical brooding about imperfect humanity anymore. Hit The Aim is no other than…
Mantra For Success!
A mojo to say in the moments when you feel like giving up and the ground is swept from under your feet. Mental momentary monumental metal support for hard times.
Yes, the music has changed too. But relax, buddy – AWE.SOME is gonna stay AWE.SOME! We’re gonna fill you with energy again, recharge your batteries and blow your mind!!!
Check out our Hit The Aim, dude!)))

We are sincerely grateful to those people who helped us with this release. Thanks a lot to creative maestro Alex Shishkin for this exciting art cover. Many thanks to our faithful friend Veromir Veter for those great back vocals in the refrain. It wouldn’t have sounded like this without em. And last but not least, incredible thanks to our dear Aldogor for his huge work in recording, mixing and mastering this single. It was him who created this fantastic sound!