To Olympus - 2010

To Olympus demo was recorded in December, 2010 in AryaVarta’s studio. It was engineered and mixed by Aldogor.

This demo features three tracks. Two of them – Exterminated By The Upper Breed and I Can’t Make You Be will be on our new LP.

This demo gained AWE.SOME a lot of fans all over the world and made it clear what the new record should sound like. There is a saying in Russia: “What you name your boat, so it will float”. Thus, we chose the name To Olympus for our LP. It’s worth mentioning that the cover features Kir Kult’s drawing he had made at the age of 8 and that was carefully preserved by his father.

Here are some details on each track:

Exterminated By The Upper Breed

It’s like a dialogue between an animal and a man. The song is a protest against the killing of animals for sheer amusement, fur or hunting excitement.

I Can't Make You Be

This song touches upon the issue of suicides. It’s about the will to live and the worthiness of human life.

Led By The Trash

The track was recorded for the first time in the 90's by Kir Kult's former project. This is its new modern incarnation from 2010.